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Friday, September 14, 2007

Preparing for week 2 of Fantasy Football

Week 1 NFL Highlights

Ok, so week 1 is long gone by. How are you doing? 3-0 here looking good heading into week 2.


A few tips for week 2 of Fantasy Football:

Take a look at teams that gave up a lot of points in week 1, and note who they played. The Giants in particular look like a team to me that is going to give up a ton of points. They made the Cowboys look like the Colts. Also the Cleveland Browns. Pittsburgh is good, but not that good. As you are looking for that bye week insert or filler player for the week, take a look at who is playing the Giants and Browns, and see if there is a wide receiver or quarterback on the waiver wire. A good matchup is better then rankings and year to date stats when looking at the free agent list. I would add the Lions to this list as well.

Along with this, take a look at teams that had a lot of total yards and/or scored a lot of points this week. Note these teams and watch players that are on the free agent list.

If you have a week that you do not like your defense, see who is playing one of these teams:
Kansas City
and see if the team playing them is available in the free agent list (defensive team).

Try to watch as much football as you can. So many times I have been able to snag players right when someone gets hurt. If you are serious about Fantasy Football, I suggest getting a laptop and wireless internet. Watch the highlight shows for injuries, keep an eye on your live stats, basically just be more informed then everyone else. Timing is key with a lot of the major pickups.

I am sure many of you saw Random Ward get picked up immediately after Brandon Jacobs got hurt on Monday Night Football. You want to be able to do that for any game, any player. There are going to be many injuries every week, so there are plenty of oppurtunities.

Keep an eye on the drop list. Many times players will drop a decent wide receiver due to a couple of poor games. Receivers will have bad fantasy football stats days. Look for #1 or #2 wide receivers.

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